Banking Digitalization

In the last few years, more and more retail banks have been showing a growing interest in digital innovations. Banks today want to be closer to their customers and their expectations, so most of the leading traditional banks plan to implement strong digital strategies over the next few years.

That fundamental strategy has to be in touch with all application levels: mobile applications and web portals, payment gateways and virtual branches, system platforms and frameworks. If a bank wants to be on the edge of innovation, they can’t stop at just that. Wearables, IoT, robo advisory and many other new innovations in the IT industry are sure to revolutionize the banking industry.

DataArt has extensive experience in all these fields. We work closely with various fintech innovation firms, participate in multiple industry conferences and keep pace with the digital world.

Among some of our most recent projects completed in the area are:

  • Building modern digital platforms and frameworks that ensure easy and fast application creation for wealth management trading.
  • Doo’Nation, an app that allows consumers to follow the money trail for any charitable contribution they wish to make.
  • Puls'ation, a mobile and wearables application that allows users to exchange calories burnt during exercise for tangible rewards.
  • Mobile apps for user-oriented services like personal banking and finance (financial planning, digital wallet, wealth management, etc.).
  • Data visualization projects for wealth management systems.

We’re sure the future of banking will be digital and are very excited to be a part of this process.

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