Enterprise Systems Transformation

Evolving technology has been bringing massive change to the financial markets for the last 30 years. Competition, performance, regulation, integration and support requirements compel firms to continuously upgrade or replace aging systems that support critical business functions. Transforming those systems is no easy task. 

We provide end-to-end enterprise transformation services from inception to implementation, operations & support, packaged as an effective system modernization program. Our Modernization Program Process is based on two program streams:

  • Up-down stream provides thoughtful and structured framework for business and technical solution design, aligned with strategical and tactical enterprise goals and objectives.
  • Our bottom-up stream delivers early preview on critical business and technical solutions, and allows to make strategical transformation decisions with high confidence. We not only deliver working solution but also in a structured way help Enterprise to gradually transform their internal business and IT processes to meet business goals after transformation.

Financial markets place unique requirements on mission critical systems. Every modernization project must take into account existing and anticipated regulatory requirements, minimize or eliminate cost of future changes and an extremely low tolerance for errors. 

Recent examples of enterprise systems modernization: 

  • Replacing user interface desktop trade entry and portfolio analytics tools with modern, web-based tools for a large retail investment advisory platform; 
  • Upgrading legacy trading systems to support Reg NMS requirements; 
  • Re-engineering a data gathering, editorial and publishing system for one of the leading credit data research and analytics agencies; 

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