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IoT Trends 2019

4 January 2019 | Germany | Media / IoT/M2M covers DataArt’s IoT predictions for 2019, including the proliferation of edge computing, resurgence of big tech players, the intensification of cybersecurity efforts, and the impact of 5G networks.

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Digital Transformation Insights: DataArt's Dmitry Bagrov Calls Digital Transformation a Myth

3 January 2019 | UK | Media / Other Industries

In an exclusive interview with Information Age, Dmitry Bagrov, Director at DataArt UK, dismantles the fashionable term “digital transformation,” and encourages companies to focus on business goals and the necessary change, as opposed to technology.

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How Blockchain Networks Could Radically Empower Patients

In Digital Health Age, Kirill Timofeev, Software Project Manager at DataArt, explains how blockchain networks can empower patients and enable efficient, secure and cost-effective sharing of electronic health records.
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Evolution of Wearables

31 December 2018 | Germany | Media / Healthcare & Life Sciences

In Krankenhaus, Vladimir Timashov, Delivery Manager in Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt, contributes a bylined article on his experience at the world’s leading medical trade fair – MEDICA, including the panel discussion with Atlantic Therapeutics.

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Will Marriott Data Breach Herald the Death of Personalization?

21 December 2018 | US | Media / Travel & Hospitality
In the context of the Marriott data breach, Greg Abbott, SVP of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, shares with Hospitality Net the reasons why security is not on the hospitality companies’ agenda and proposes measures to prevent data breaches.
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IoT Becomes Self-Evident

20 December 2018 | Germany | Media / IoT/M2M

The German media portal shares DataArt’s predictions for IoT in 2019, including the resurgence of big tech players and market consolidation, the 5G rollout, advances in edge devices, and the race to tackle security.

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Virtual Medical Assistant

20 December 2018 | Germany | Media / Healthcare & Life Sciences
In IoT Design, Anton Dolgikh, Head of AI in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, discusses the role of artificial intelligence in medical diagnoses.
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Healthcare IT Security: Can We Turn the Corner?

17 December 2018 | Germany | Media / Healthcare & Life Sciences
In, Egor Kobelev, SVP of Healthcare and Life Science at DataArt, explores the distinctive characteristics of the healthcare industry that necessitate a unique approach to security.
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DataArt cooperates with R3

17 December 2018 | Germany | Media / IoT/M2M Blockchain covers the announcement of DataArt’s partnership with R3 to build blockchain solutions on Corda distributed ledger platform.
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How to Address the DevOps Information Security Challenge

14 December 2018 | UK | Media / Technology Site Section
In Connect-World, Yuri Gubin, Vice President of Cloud Solutions at DataArt, discusses the concept of DevSecOps, which integrates security practices into the DevOps process. He identifies six security challenges that surface during the implementation process of DevOps and proposes ways to address them.
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