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Tech Consultancy Predicts Telemedicine and AI-based Healthcare Growth in 2019

2 November 2018 | UK | Media / Healthcare & Life Sciences
Digital Health Age covers DataArt's prediction that 2019 will bring continued growth in telemedicine and AI-based healthcare. According to DataArt, telemedicine will make high-quality healthcare more widely available, further progress will be made in data processing and storage, and AI will remain a major interest among practitioners and investors as algorithms become faster and more accurate.
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Blockchain to go Far Beyond Origins to Create Industries of the Future

2 November 2018 | UK | Media / Finance
Coin Rivet publishes DataArt’s 2019 trend predictions for blockchain, emphasizing new applications of the technology in decision making automation, data and identity management, as well as business process transformation.
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Blockchain and Healthcare

2 November 2018 | Germany | Media / Healthcare & Life Sciences
Health & Care Managementinterviews experts about blockchain and its applications in healthcare. Kirill Timofeev, Software Project Manager at DataArt, highlights the benefits of blockchain related to interoperability, immutability, and availability of data as well as the technology’s potential to enhance patient relations and services.
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DataArt contributed to HTNG’s White Paper: Blockchain for Hospitality

1 November 2018 | US | Press Release / Travel & Hospitality
New York, NY – 1 November, 2018 – DataArt’s Andrew Sanders, VP, Travel & Hospitality, helped lead HTNG’s Blockchain for Hospitality Workgroup to create a white paper to increase the knowledge of blockchain within the hospitality industry.
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Open Banking in the UK: Lessons Learned

1 November 2018 | UK | Media / Finance
In Tabb Forum, Cliff Moyce, Chairman of the Advisory Board at DataArt, talks about the lessons the U.K. learned in open banking. He argues that while open banking in the UK has seen low levels of adoption so far, it eventually will be a transformative initiative.
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DataArt Predicts Healthcare and Life Sciences Trends for 2019: Data to Propel AI-based Healthcare Forward

31 October 2018 | UK | Media / Healthcare & Life Sciences
Health Tech Digital News runs DataArt’s healthcare and life sciences trends predictions for 2019. Exponential information growth will drive further progress of artificial intelligence and data processing algorithms, while availability of healthcare will increase with proliferation of telemedicine.
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2019 Trends: DataArt Predicts for Blockchain to Go far Beyond its Origins to Create Industries of the Future

31 October 2018 | UK, US | Press Release / Blockchain
London, New York – 31 October 2018 – Over the past four years, DataArt’s blockchain center of excellence has delivered a variety of blockchain-driven business solutions to dozens of clients. Most of the early blockchain adopters have been mid-size businesses and technology startups.
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Alexa Voice Assistant : What the Sports Future Holds

30 October 2018 | Blog

It is an undeniable fact that virtual assistants and voice-controlled devices have become a part of our life.The recently announced Alexa-Cortana partnership only reaffirms the determination of the leading technology providers to strengthen their position and gain additional market share. ...

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DataArt: KidPRO - Child-Friendly App

30 October 2018 | Germany | Media / Healthcare & Life Sciences
Management+ Krankenhaus nominates DataArt’s KidPRO concept app for the M&K award in its IT & communication category
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DataArt’s 5th Annual FinTech Event: A Tale of Two Digital Transformations

30 October 2018 | UK | Media / Finance
IT Supply Chain covers DataArt’s 5th Annual FinTech Event, where industry visionaries explored the merits of different approaches to digital transformation, including “failing fast and experimenting often”.
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